Youth Voice

The following is a curated list of resources selected by CASEL staff that focuses on social and emotional learning and youth voice.

CASEL’s 2018 survey of high school students’ and recent graduates’ perspectives on high school, Respected shows that young people are an asset in understanding what works and what doesn’t in a school. Neglecting to include them in the decision-making process fails to consider their invaluable perspective on the social dynamics and challenges students must navigate.


Beland, K. (2007). CASEL (2018). SEL Trends: Empowering youth voice. Chicago, IL: Author.
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Ozer, E. J. (2016). Youth-led participatory action research: Developmental and equity perspectives. In S. S. Horn, M. D. Ruck, & L. S. Liben, (Eds.), Equity and Justice in Developmental Sciences: Theoretical and Methodological Issues (189-207). NY, New York: Oxford University Press.
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Ozer, E. J., Ritterman, M. L., & Wanis, M. G. (2010). Participatory action research (PAR) in middle school: Opportunities, constraints, and key processes. American Journal of Community Psychology, 46(1-2), 152-166.
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Soutter, M. (2019). Unintended lessons of SEL programs. Phi Delta Kappan. Retrieved from:
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Towne, J. (2014). Recasting at-risk students as leaders. Education Week. Retrieved from:
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Kirshner, B. (2015). Youth activism in an era of education inequality. New York: New York University Press.
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Briefs and Reports

DePaoli, J. L., Atwell, M. N., Bridgeland, J. M., & Shriver, T. P. (2018). Respected: Perspectives from youth on high school and social and emotional learning. Washington DC: Civic Enterprises and Hart Research Associates for CASEL. Retrieved from:
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Rivera, R. (2014). Hip-Hop(e): Roberto Rivera at TEDxGrandRapids. Retrieved from:
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CASEL (2019). DRC video: Lifting our voices. Retrieved from:
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Act for Youth (2019). Youth participatory evaluation. Retrieved from:
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Mikva Challenge (2019). Mikva Challenge: A strong advocate for youth voice. Retrieved from:
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The Search Institute (2019). Sparks and thriving. Retrieved from:
Visit the Webpage (2019). The ladder of student involvement. Retrieved from:
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Students at the Center (2019). Retrieved from:
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What Can Kids Do (2019). Retrieved from:
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