College Readiness Resources

The following is a curated list of resources selected by CASEL staff that focuses on social and emotional learning for college readiness.

CASEL’s 2018 survey of high school students and recent graduates, Respected, found that less than half of recent graduates felt prepared for success after high school only 41% felt prepared for a job or career.

Briefs and Reports

Dymnicki, A., Sambolt, M., & Kidron, Y. (2013). Improving college and career readiness by incorporating social and emotional learning. Washington DC: American Institutes for Research College & Career Readiness and Success Center.
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Gabrieli, C., Ansel, D., & Krachman, S. B. (2015). Ready to be counted: The research case for education policy action on non-cognitive skills. Boston: Transforming Education.
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Johnson, H. & Weiner, R. (2017) This time, with feeling: Integrating social and emotional development and college- and career-readiness standards. New York: Aspen Institute.
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American Institutes for Research (2016). Social and emotional learning explained: How SEL helps students in college, career, and life. Washington, DC: Author.
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CASEL Guide to Schoolwide SEL