Child-Psych Blog: Child Development, Parenting, and Child Psychology
Two clinical-child psychologists draw from a solid research base for articles for parents and educators on child development.

Edutopia: Maurice Elias on Social and Emotional Learning
Maurice Elias, a long-time CASEL collaborator and and professor of psychology and director of the Social and Emotional Learning Lab at Rutgers University, writes regularly for Edutopia on social and emotional learning topics.

Momma Data: Debunking Children’s Health News and Advice.
The author, a psychologist and researcher, examines popularized research for rigor and validity. She shares her views and questions for parents on key challenges such as bullying, ADHD, autism, and more.

Parenting Science: Parenting for the Science-minded
The author is an evolutionary biologist and anthropologist who brings her unique perspective to parenting by reviewing how science may impact a range of child development issues.

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