Mental Health, Trauma, and Well-Being

Mental health and well-being are foundational to social and emotional adjustment and competence. Trauma and other adverse childhood experiences (ACES) can negatively affect mental health as well as academic, social, and emotional development.


The District Resource Center has several resources from Boston, California, New York City, and elsewhere. Search “mental health” and/or “trauma.”

The Guide to Schoolwide SEL has several resources related to trauma and multi-tier systems of support.  Search “trauma.”


Child Trends: Responding to Trauma through Policies that Create Supportive Learning Environments.  How state officials create policies to build learning environments that effectively support students with a history of trauma. (January 2019) NEW


Illinois: The state’s SEL standards were developed in response to the Illinois Children’s Mental Health Act. Instructional supports for the Illinois SEL Standards include resources to support trauma.

Kansas: The state’s SEL standards are aligned with and designed to support mental health and trauma-sensitive schools.

Michigan: The state’s SEL competencies are found on the department’s mental health page, and explicitly connect to mental health/trauma.

New York: The state’s SEL resources to support implementation of the benchmarks connect to mental health.

North Dakota: The state’s SEL competencies connect to mental health and trauma as SEL has been declared one of the five trauma-informed practices for schools. The state also is aligning its SEL-related work to trauma-informed practices, specifically by establishing equitable learning environments.

Tennessee: The state’s competencies link to state initiatives for postsecondary life for students and trauma-informed care.

Washington: The state’s SEL standards and benchmarks align with mental health and trauma through a report and online professional development modules.

Wisconsin:. The state’s SEL competencies connect to mental health.