District-level SEL

  • As awareness spreads about the multiple benefits of SEL for students and staff alike, a growing number of districts are adopting systemic strategies that embed SEL into every aspect of school life.

    They are building SEL into their strategic plans and budgets. They are using SEL to help school leaders create the kind of positive climates that keep students safe and make learning possible. They are using SEL to inform classroom instruction and strengthen teacher-student relationships. And SEL is driving their collaborations with families and community partners. Learn more about this innovative work through our Collaborating Districts Initiative.

    CASEL’s comprehensive district framework is organized into four major focus areas, each of which contains four key activities, practical guidance, tools, and templates.

    District SEL Framework:

    1. Build foundational support and plan
    2. Strengthen adult SEL competencies and capacity
    3. Promote SEL for students
    4. Practice continuous improvement

    SEL District Resource Center

    imageThe districtwide SEL implementation process is documented in our SEL District Resource Center (DRC). The online platform offers guidance, tools, and resources curated from CASEL’s partner districts to support high-quality SEL implementation in districts.

    If you represent a school team, visit our In Schools page for a similar framework and online resources.

  • Webinar: (April 2019)

    Watch a walkthrough of the SEL District Resource Center, including frequently asked questions about districtwide SEL implementation.

    Partner Districts

    CASEL partners with 21 school districts nationwide that are implementing SEL systemically and seeing positive outcomes.

    SEL Trends

    The SEL Trends series of briefs spotlights emerging trends in school districts across the country.

Other Resources

  • In the classroom. Resources to support teachers in relating classroom instruction and content to SEL, including our popular Program Guides. Learn more

  • Father and Son

    In homes. Resources for both educators and parents, and for educators to share with parents, about ways that families can promote SEL. Learn more

  • Creating a safe, supportive environment for learning. Practical tools and resources for creating the all-important context for SEL. Learn more

  • Trends and best practices. Our growing library of briefs and articles with practical examples of outstanding SEL in action. Learn more