District Professional Learning Communities

CASEL has partnered with school districts across the country to make SEL central to the educational process. At the request of the districts, we have created Professional Learning Communities to help these districts be more thoughtful and strategic in their development of effective, integrated practices and policies. These peer learning communities foster long-term commitment and sustainability, and allow districts to share their successes, challenges, and innovations.

  • Equity Work Group (EWG)

    A commitment to SEL involves an understanding of equity and a willingness of decision-makers to think about SEL through an equity lens. The aim of the Equity Work Group is to assist district SEL and Equity Leads in focusing on the connections between SEL and equity efforts in districts. This can lead to greater understanding of the role equity plays in contributing to successful SEL. The EWG provides districts with the tools, strategies, resources, and most important, the relationships needed to integrate equity and SEL effectively. The group is committed to working on documentation and frameworks that will help illustrate the potential synergies between these two areas of work.

  • Research & Evaluation

    CASEL facilitates a learning community of school district staff whose work focuses on research and evaluation. This group meets virtually on a bi-monthly basis for webinars. The webinars have focused on highlighting the work of specific districts. For example, Nashville Metropolitan School District shared their Walkthrough Protocol for observing schools’ implementation of social and emotional learning (SEL) practices. CASEL also works to facilitate sharing of resources and expertise among districts by promoting an understanding of district-level SEL-related research and evaluation and offering relevant support to districts when needed.

  • Professional Learning Series

    The Professional Learning Series strives to sustain and support the SEL work occurring in the districts. Convenings allow SEL teams to share professional learning materials, align best practices for professional learning, and engage in practitioner-led discussions focused on practice-related problems in their districts. This provides the participants with information they can easily share within their respective districts to improve professional learning as a strategy leading toward systemic SEL implementation.

  • Superintendents’ Roundtable

    With 20 superintendents part of the CDI community, the Superintendents Roundtable provides an opportunity for educational leaders to discuss topics in education and SEL focused on supporting best practices, implementation, and innovation. The roundtable is a platform for meaningful leadership in the CDI and for superintendents to provide thoughtful exchanges of ideas and fellowship with one another.

Annual Cross-Districts Learning Events

  • Every year, CASEL hosts a three-day meeting for our partner districts to come together and learn from and with one another. The annual meetings include school site visits, breakout sessions, discussions and expert panels about emerging topics, and more.

    Click here to learn more about past events.