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How States and School Districts are Collaborating to Promote Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning

September 1, 2018

How can state education agencies best help school districts and schools implement SEL effectively?

Our Collaborating States Initiative, modeled after a similar effort directed at school districts, was developed to help states create, implement, and share effective efforts. Participation grew rapidly from only a handful of state agencies in 2016 to 25 by 2018. Based on recommendations from a cross-section of local school leaders, this report begins to answer that question. It focuses on six specific steps states are taking:
  • Elevating districts’ SEL work
  • Listening closely to multiple stakeholders
  • Adopting SEL competencies/standards
  • Supporting districts through guidance and communities of practice
  • Aligning SEL with other key initiatives across the state
  • Working together to build relationships and address common challenges

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