Tyrone Martinez-Black

Practice Integration Specialist

Tyrone Martinez-Black is a former teacher of middle school math and science, an instructional coach for those subjects, and an assistant director of mathematics curriculum. In addition, he has designed and delivered professional learning in the Chicago metropolitan area and across the nation. Especially applicable to his work at CASEL, Tyrone has been a member of projects addressing youth development, design thinking within schools, and integrating SEL competencies with the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice.

His primary responsibilities include developing and fostering connections between and among district and state teams and with external partners to better understand strategies for leveraging SEL to advance educational equity. Tyrone devotes special attention to integrating SEL across academic content areas and to improving the engagement of families in SEL initiatives and participatory evaluation.

Tyrone has a bachelor’s degree from the Illinois Institute of Art and two master’s degrees in education from the University of Illinois. He lives in his childhood home with his loving family and strives to make every encounter an edifying one.