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Practices of Promise: Evidence-Based Programs

Selecting Evidence-Based Programs Through Meaningful Partnerships - El Paso Independent School District (Texas)

April 1, 2021

Glimpse into how districts navigate opportunities and challenges that arise with implementation.

How do you engage staff, families, and communities in selecting evidence-based SEL programs that integrate with existing practices and meet the needs of your school communities? That’s the question that was raised in El Paso Independent School District (EPISD), which serves 50,661 PreK-12th grade students in Texas. Working with CASEL, they sought to adopt evidence-based SEL programs that would be effective and meaningful in classrooms across 81 district campuses. These programs would be used by teachers to teach SEL explicitly and to integrate SEL into the teaching of academic subjects. In this Practices of Promise, you’ll peek into their process for engaging staff, families, and communities in examining and selecting programs that align with their school communities’ needs and districtwide vision.

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