Linda Dusenbury

Senior Research Scientist

Linda Dusenbury has worked with CASEL for more than a decade. She is a nationally recognized expert with 30 years experience planning, supporting, and evaluating evidence-based strategies designed to create a safe and nurturing world for children and adolescents.

Linda currently helps lead CASEL’s Collaborating States Initiative, a multistate effort that launched in 2016 to support states in creating the conditions where SEL can thrive at the district, school, community, and family levels. As of April, 2021, more than 40 states (serving more than 30 million K-12 students) have participated.

Over the years, she has been involved in CASEL’s reviews of evidence-based SEL programs and state scans of state learning competencies and guidance for SEL.

Linda has published more than 100 professional articles and chapters. She also co-edited two books in the Vermont Conference on the Primary Prevention of Psychopathology series.

Before joining CASEL, Linda served on the faculty of Weill Medical College of Cornell University, as a consultant to nonprofit organizations, and as a senior researcher at Tanglewood Research, Inc.