Justina Schlund

Director of Field Learning

Justina Schlund oversees efforts to translate essential learning from the field into resources and professional development that supports systemic SEL implementation. . She also supervises the development and continuous refinement of key CASEL products that provide research-informed and field-tested guidance to districts and schools, including the CASEL Guide to Schoolwide SEL and the District Resource Center.

Prior to joining CASEL, Justina was the executive director of Chicago Public School’s Office of Social and Emotional Learning, where she led districtwide improvement strategies to foster supportive learning environments that promote the social and emotional development of all students. These strategies scaled SEL implementation across more than 430 schools in the district. In her seven years at CPS, Justina’s work also focused on reducing the use of punitive disciplinary practices, resulting in a 76% reduction in out of school suspensions, and launching a districtwide initiative to build organizational commitment to addressing issues of race and equity.

Her previous experience includes education journalism, teaching, early childhood administration, education policy analysis, and teacher preparation in the U.S. and rural China. She holds a bachelor’s in journalism from Northwestern University and a master’s in education policy and management from Harvard.

Justina lives in Chicago with her husband and two young children.