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  • CASEL recommends implementation of one or more evidence-based SEL programs as a central element of an effective, systemic approach to SEL. To guide districts in selecting SEL programs, many states refer to the CASEL Guides or other national clearinghouses or resources. CASEL recommends the two CASEL Guides (one for preschool and elementary school, the other for secondary school) for this purpose, because they are specifically focused on SEL approaches.


    Feel free to download, customize, and use with attribution, e.g., “Developed by Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning and used with permission.”

    CASEL Guides. The CASEL Guides identify the research evidence for each program reviewed. All programs in the CASEL Guides meet requirements for the highest levels of evidence, i.e., ESSA Tier 1 or 2. Tier 1 (strong evidence) is the highest, and Tier 2 (moderate evidence) is the second-highest.

    Chp. 5: Guidelines for Selecting Evidence-Based SEL Programs . This chapter outlines the three main principles for selecting a successful evidence-based program. You can use it for selecting and implementing an evidence-based SEL program.

Effective Social and Emotional Learning Programs Preschool and Elementary School Edition. The 2013 CASEL Guide presents key principles for selecting a successful evidence-based program and provides detailed information on 23 effective programs. You can use it if you are looking to adopt and implement an SEL program for preschool or elementary school.

Effective Social and Emotional Learning Programs Middle and High School Edition. The 2015 CASEL Guide provides detailed information on evidence-based middle and high school programs that are available nationally. It also provides a framework and recommendations for systematic SEL in schools, as well as identifying and rating high quality evidence-based SEL programs. You can use it if you are looking to adopt and implement an SEL program for middle or high school.

CASEL District Resource Center: Programming. Multiple resources to assist in selecting and implementing evidence-based SEL programs, preschool to high school.

SEL Approaches. This web page provides examples of how SEL can be taught in multiple settings and outlines the short-term and long-term outcomes of specific SEL instruction. You can use it if you are interested in incorporating SEL to your classroom, school, or district.


Social and Emotional Learning Interventions Under the Every Student Succeeds Act. Evidence Review. The report looks at the funding streams and evidence-based interventions that use the federal Every Child Succeeds Act (ESSA) to support SEL. RAND (2017) NEW

Wallace Foundation: Navigating SEL From the Inside Out. This report provides detailed information on the skills, instructional methods, and programmatic features for 25 in-school SEL programs for elementary students. In addition, it describes opportunities for alignment between SEL frameworks and out-of-school time programs. You can use this report to view an in-depth profile of 25 SEL programs and to learn more about aligning specific SEL programs to your school’s mission or schedule.


New Hampshire Selecting Social and Emotional Learning Programs. This presentation outlines the decision-making process behind selecting an SEL program and outlines possible SEL programs. You can use it if you are thinking about starting the process of selecting an SEL program for your district.