CSI Resources: Implementation

  • High-quality implementation of social and emotional learning is one key to its success and sustainability. States can support high-quality implementation through guidance in a variety of ways, drawing on resources based on districts’ experience with SEL and feedback and recommendations from district leaders and teachers.


    Feel free to download, customize, and use with attribution, e.g., “Developed by Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning and used with permission.”

    Guide to Schoolwide SEL. The comprehensive onsite resource includes guidance, templates and tools to help schools effectively implement SEL in four key areas: Planning, Adult SEL, Student Supports, and Using Data. A must-read for any educator grappling with the complexity of bringing the theory of SEL into the practical everyday realities of school. (January 2019) NEW

    District Resource Center. CASEL’s District Resource Center provides a comprehensive guide and more than 500 tools for implementing high-quality SEL. It includes 10 major sections: Vision, Needs Assessment, Standards, Communication, Align Resources, Build Expertise, Professional Learning, Integration, Programming, Continuous Improvement. All users must register. Once registered, users can access all the resources free of charge.

    District Recommendations for How States Can Support SEL. Based on interviews with district and state leaders, this resource provides recommendations for actions states can take to encourage district implementation of SEL. Use it if you want to support districts in your state in developing or strengthening their SEL programming.

The Missing Piece. This report, developed for CASEL by Civic Enterprises and Hart Research Associates, shares results of a national survey of teacher attitudes and experiences with SEL. It is unique in prioritizing the views of teachers. Use it to help make the case for SEL among teachers.

Ready to Lead: A National Principal Survey on How Social and Emotional Learning Can Prepare Children and Transform Schools. Developed for CASEL by Civic Enterprises and Hart Research Associates, this report presents findings from a national survey of school principals that shows strong support for SEL and a need for resources for implementation and professional learning.


AIR: When Districts Support and Integrate Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). This brief explores school-based SEL implementation based on the experience of CASEL’s Collaborating Districts Initiative. It includes recommendations for implementing systemic districtwide SEL. Use it if you want to align SEL with academic instruction and districtwide activities.

National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention SEL Resources: Leading an SEL School. This brief outlines key leadership strategies required for effective SEL implementation. Use it if you are an interested in exploring and developing sustainable strategies for the implementation of SEL within the framework of other programs or larger initiatives.


Florida: SEL Website. The site includes a section to help districts collaborate and an interactive, implementation landscape map. (2019) NEW

Massachusetts Guidelines on Implementing Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Curricula. These guidelines present strategies to support broad SEL implementation, ranging from professional learning and instructional approaches to policies and community engagement. The document grounds the guidelines in the state’s anti-bullying law.

Minnesota: Social Emotional Learning District Implementation and Professional Development Guidance. This guidance will take you through the SEL implementation process from the foundational work to assess capacity and develop plans for implementation to detailed guidance on implementation and assessment.

New York: Educating the Whole Child, Engaging the Whole School: Guidelines and Resources for Social and Emotional Development and Learning in New York State. This document provides information on multiple approaches to SEL and broad implementation planning. It specifically targets the implementation of voluntary social and emotional learning guidelines.


Oakland Unified School District: Academic Social Emotional Learning Guidance Document. Includes notes on instruction, curriculum, and professional learning. You can use this as an example of one district’s approach to implementation of systemic SEL.