CSI Resources: Culture & Climate

AIR: Measuring School Climate
A review of school climate evaluation systems as a method of assessing school principal performance employing school climate surveys in a novel way.

AIR: Ten Key Ideas for Social Emotional Learning School Climate
Useful if you are seeking actionable steps to build a foundation of mutual support for SEL and school climate.

National School Climate Council: National School Climate Standards
Five standards with indicators and subindicators to improve and promote positive school environments.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: School Climate and Social and Emotional Learning: The Integration of Two Approaches
A discussion of the mutually beneficial relationship between supportive structures of SEL and school climate. Helpful if you want to integrate SEL and school climate efforts to support your school or district.


California: Positive School Climate Webpage
Web-based resources that can be helpful in identifying examples of how school climate and academics interact on a state level.

Colorado: Measuring School Climate: A Toolkit for Districts and Schools
A step-by-step guide for schools or districts seeking instructions on how to begin to measure school climate.

Connecticut Model School Climate Policy
Outlines a streamlined school climate improvement policy for all districts.

Michigan: Connecting SEL to Michigan’s School Improvement Framework
Guidance on how to integrate SEL into classroom climate (see page 21).

Ohio School Climate Guidelines
Nine guidelines for exceptional school climates with benchmarks for district action.