Bloodine Barthelus

Director of Practice Innovations

Bloodine Barthelus works closely with districts in CASEL’s Collaborating Districts Initiative to help them with systemic implementation of social and emotional learning. Formerly a school counselor, she was successful in developing programmatic solutions to increase student achievement and growth in several-high poverty schools in Tulsa, Okla.; Gwinnett County, Ga.; Alexandria, Va.; and Washington, D.C. In Washington, she worked as a student discipline and school climate specialist. She became the district’s manager of school climate in 2015 and led the development and implementation of a new school climate initiative, working with 73 district schools and focusing on effective systems, warm and engaging relationships within schools, and explicit SEL opportunities for students. The initiative has been shown to support a decrease in suspensions and an increase student satisfaction with school. During her time as director, she led the development of a five-year districtwide SEL implementation plan, designed adult SEL professional development sessions for teachers and school leaders, co-created an SEL module to support teachers in developing equitable social, emotional, and academic development learning spaces, and led the launch of SEL for all schools through an integrated and supported process.

Bloodine holds a master’s degree in human relations, with a concentration in counseling, from the University of Oklahoma and an Ed.D. from the College of William and Mary, where her research focused on the relationship between student infractions and social and emotional learning.