Social and emotional learning is an approach to education where students develop the ability to understand themselves, build healthy relationships and make good decisions, whether they are in math, on the playground or in the hallway.

CASEL is the leading nonprofit that founded the field of SEL and is advancing it around the country and the world. With your support, we can ensure all children’s social, emotional, and academic wellbeing is nurtured.

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CASEL and The Allstate Foundation believe young people are drawn to knowledge when they are drawn to people. They learn best when then they feel inspired. They are creative when they are awakened to their unique sense of purpose, place, and belonging. Now the most critical challenge is broader understanding and support for SEL to ensure that stakeholders at every level – state, district, and school – have the highest quality tools and knowledge for how to educate young people.

CASEL and The Allstate Foundation are helping empower young people to make a tangible impact with SEL.

  • Respected: Perspective of Youth on High School and SEL Young people see the benefits of attending schools that emphasize SEL. But most current and recent high school students believe their schools could have done better. Supported by The Allstate Foundation

  • 2019 Social and Emotional Learning Exchange: The Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) Exchange is the nation’s largest conference on SEL. It is a unique and timely opportunity for those who are committed to creating caring, productive, and equitable schools and communities and ensure that all students can thrive.