First, create a foundation for social and emotional learning

  • Whether educating through technology or in your own home, this is the time to re-envision education. In order for young people to engage and learn, we need to create environments that promote a positive sense of well-being and healthy connections between peers and with adults. Focus first on secure relationships and emotional safety, and prioritize social and emotional competence alongside academics as fundamental to quality education.
  • Prioritize strong, two-way communication between families and schools.  Communication between schools, families, and community organizations has always been critical to SEL, but is particularly front and center as school buildings are closed and young people spend the entire “school day” at home or in their neighborhoods. That means that to promote SEL, we’ll need to work closely to learn from and support one another in creating the environments that can support students socially and emotionally, which includes helping families address their own stresses, anxieties, etc. and asking families to inform school and district approaches to SEL.