SEL in the Classroom

  • SEL in the classroom takes shape in a variety of ways. It is promoted through explicit instruction, often using an evidence-based program, and should also be integrated across classroom instruction and academic curriculum. SEL plays an important role in classroom climate—for example, how teachers build relationships with students, how students build relationships with each other, and how conflict and discipline are addressed.

    CASEL Guide to Schoolwide SEL

    Our interactive, online Guide to Schoolwide SEL includes extensive guidance, resources, tools, and templates related to the classroom experience. Key sections address:

      • Building a supportive classroom environment: community-building, creating a sense of belonging and emotional safety, student-centered discipline
      • Integrating SEL and instruction: fostering academic mindsets, aligning SEL and academic objectives, using interactive pedagogy
      • Delivering explicit SEL instruction


    SEL Program Guide

    The CASEL Program Guide provides a framework for evaluating the quality of social and emotional programs and applies this framework to identify and rate well-designed, evidence-based SEL programs.

  • Webinar (February 2019)

    Watch a walkthrough of the CASEL Guide to Schoolwide SEL.

Other Resources

  • In districts. Resources for district educational leaders who want to implement SEL districtwide. Learn more

  • Father and Son

    In homes. Resources for both educators and parents, and for educators to share with parents, about ways that families can promote SEL. Learn more

  • Creating a safe, supportive environment for learning. Practical tools and resources for creating the all-important context for SEL. Learn more

  • Trends and best practices. Our growing library of briefs and articles with practical examples of outstanding SEL in action. Learn more