Fig. 1: Rising Up Together Infographic

An infographic titled “Rising Up Together: Spotlighting Transformative SEL in Practice with Latinx Youth.” An intro paragraph reads: “Initial insights from a research-practice partnership that is seeking to illustrate transformative SEL, a form of SEL implementation focused on promoting justice-oriented civic engagement to transform inequitable systems.”

The infographic is split into three sections, with a key principle defining each section. A large header above all 3 sections reads: “Three examples of how educators were taking up this challenge.”

The first section is titled “Principle 1: Centering Students’ Lived Experiences and Identities in SEL Instruction” and includes an icon of a person reading a book. The rest of the section reads: “Ensure representation in curricular materials to better integrate students’ lived experiences. Encourage conversations regarding current events impacting students’ communities and address their wonderings and concerns. Demonstrate a willingness and skill to pivot away from planned instruction to attend to the immediate and urgent needs of students.”

The second section is titled “Principle 2: Use SEL Discussions to Validate Student Experiences of Oppression” and includes an icon of two speech bubbles. The rest of the section reads: “Create space to acknowledge trauma experienced at the community level. Infuse broader social injustice issues into SEL topics and at the core of teaching.”

The third section is titled “Principle 3: Encourage Youth to Use their Voice for Social Justice” and includes an icon of a microphone. The rest of the section reads: “Recognize youth as emerging social change agents to use their voices in support of their communities.”

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