Funding and Financing Resources

The following is a curated list of resources selected by CASEL staff that focus on funding and financing social and emotional learning initiatives.

Also check out our Financial Sustainability Guide website that contains many resources to help school districts to plan their SEL implementation with sustainability in mind.

Articles and Book Chapters

Olga Acosta, P. (2015). Financing and funding for SEL initiatives. In J. A. Durlak, C. E. Domitrovich, R. P. Weissberg, & T. P. Gullotta (Eds.), The handbook of social and emotional learning: Research and practice (pp. 114-131). New York: Guilford
Chapter available with purchase.


Stark Renter, D., & Acosta Price, O. (2014). A guide to federal education programs that can fund K-12 universal prevention and social and emotional learning activities. Washington, DC: The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools and The Center on Educational Policy. Retrieved from
View the guide.


Belfield, C., Bowden, B., Klapp, A., Levin, H., Shand, R., & Zander, S. (2015). The economic value of social and emotional learning. New York, NY: Center for Benefit-Cost Studies in Education.
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Grant, S., Hamilton, L. S., Wrabel, S. L., Gomez, C. J., Whitaker, A., Leschitz, J. T., Unlu, F., Chavez-Herrerias, E. R., Baker, G., Barrett, M., Harris, M., & Ramos, A. (2017). Social and emotional learning interventions under the Every Student Succeeds Act: Evidence Review. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation. Retrieved from:
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Acosta Price, O. (2016). Tips and resources for funding an SEL program. San Rafael, CA: Edutopia. Retrieved from
View the website.

Education First (2018). Social and emotional learning innovation fund. Seattle, WA: Author. Retrieved from
View the website.

Hinton, K. (2017). How to secure funding for your social and emotional learning (SEL) program. Charlotte, NC: Aperture Education. Retrieved from
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Schamberg, R., Thomas, R., & Schlinger, M. (2015). Social and emotional learning: Planning for financial sustainability. Chicago, IL: CASEL. Retrieved from
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