As more school districts grapple with how to measure the impact of SEL, they are looking for guidance. This brief summarizes findings of an October 2019 meeting of more than 60 stakeholders who identified five essential next phases of work to advance SEL assessment:

  • Leverage resources and expertise
  • Promote SEL data literacy
  • Enable equity
  • Engage youth voice
  • Integrate SEL assessment at the system level
The full-day discussion built on the vision articulated by the Assessment Work Group’s State of the Field Report (Assessment Work Group, 2019) and National Commission Report. The Assessment Work Group was a multidisciplinary collaborative of leading researchers and practitioners in the fields of PreK-12 education, assessment, SEL, and related fields. The three-year effort (2017-2019) was created to advance progress toward establishing practical SEL assessments that are scientifically sound, feasible to use, and actionable as a key priority for the field.

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