Threading Voices to Advance SEL

Sponsored by Committee for Children

This webinar is sponsored by Committee for Children, Lead sponsor of the 2022 SEL Exchange Virtual Summit, hosted by CASEL.

When families, educators, and policymakers work together to advance social-emotional learning (SEL), more pathways open for children to achieve success in school and throughout their lives. Join Committee for Children CEO Andrea Lovanhill and VP of Policy and Advocacy Jordan Posamentier as they discuss the current challenges and opportunities in the field of SEL, present new data that shows overwhelming support from parents and caregivers for school-based SEL, and highlight opportunities to advocate for SEL in your communities.

Please note, sponsorship does not indicate an endorsement by CASEL. Learn more about SEL Exchange Lead Sponsor, Committee for Children at https://www.cfchildren.org/.

Learn more about the SEL Exchange Virtual Summit being held October 13: https://selexchange.casel.org/.

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  • Committee for Children
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