How can a focus on social and emotional learning help us design the necessary structural supports that can enable teacher well-being?

Coverage of teacher burnout has been on the rise since the start of the pandemic. While there are many strategies offered to support teacher self-care and stress management, schoolwide conditions are often overlooked: Teacher wellness requires ongoing commitments and long-term strategies that address systems-level change.

Join researchers Doris A. Santoro from Bowdoin College and Olga Acosta Price from George Washington University as they discuss the system and school conditions that contribute, including strategies to consider and avoid. The discussion is based on a recent brief, Structural Supports to promote Teacher Well-being. Read more here:

Recommended for decision makers in education to support them in prioritizing the well-being of their staff when they return from the holiday break.

The Building Connections webinar series explores how social and emotional learning (SEL) connects to topics that are top of mind for our community so we can strengthen the many systems that support our young people.

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