Demystifying Systemic Social and Emotional Learning: Academic Integration

Part 2 of 10 featuring: Steve Becton (Facing History and Ourselves), Alison Boardman (University of Colorado Boulder), Sara Rimm-Kaufman (University of Virginia)

Part 2 of a 10-Part Series. Register here for upcoming webinars.

This monthly series of thought leadership webinars addresses ten key aspects of high-quality systemic SEL.

Key Takeaways:

  • SEL and academic integration deepens learning and engagement in all content areas. Educators can support this integration by creating supportive environments, creating meaningful connections in content, and weaving SEL throughout pedagogical practices.

  • Opportunities for cooperative structures and reflection are essential across grades and subjects. These opportunities should be thought of as connected to explicit instruction and student voice.

  • State policymakers can create ripe conditions for SEL and academic integration by elevating evidence-based programs and professional learning that supports educators in incorporating SEL into academics.

Keynote Speakers

    • Dr. Steven Becton

      Dr. Steven Becton is the Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer for Facing History and Ourselves, an organization committed to fighting bigotry and hatred and ending educational inequity. Steve also writes and speaks for Facing History on urban education and equity issues in and beyond the classroom, pulling from his 11 years of exemplary teaching. Steve leads a team of Facing History staff who are working deeply in schools to create whole school culture and transformational educational experiences that would equip educators, while also empowering students to overcome the systemic issues that have placed them at risk.

    • Dr. Alison Gould Boardman

      Dr. Alison Boardman is an associate professor in Equity, Bilingualism, & Biliteracy in the School of Education at the University of Colorado Boulder and a former middle and elementary school special education teacher. Recently, Dr. Boardman worked with a team of educators and researchers to develop and study a project-based learning course for secondary language arts. She is currently investigating ways to support students with disabilities in inclusive project based learning classrooms.

    • Dr. Sara Rimm-Kaufman

      Dr. Sara Rimm-Kaufman is the Commonwealth Professor of Education at the University of Virginia. She and her team conduct research on elementary and middle school classrooms with the goal of using evidence to improve the quality and equity of learning experiences for teachers and students. Dr. Rimm-Kaufman has studied a wide range of programs and approaches including Connect Science, EL Education, Leading Together, Responsive Classroom, RULER, Valor Collegiate & Compass and beyond. Sara recently published SEL from the Start, a new book for elementary school teachers that shares research in an accessible format.

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