Student Civic Responsibility to Lead Positive Change

Free sponsored webinar for the SEL Exchange Virtual Summit

Participating in civic responsibility in the community can transform a child’s life as it can show how to make positive changes in their own neighborhood from an early age. Join us for this one hour webinar as award-winning teachers share their journey with their students to make a difference in their own communities.

From working towards racial justice in 2nd grade to advocating for immigrants’ rights in high school, these stories will share the true power of the student voice. You won’t want to miss hearing the stories from these Teachers of Change Agents: Dr. Collins of Tennessee, Mr. Dunlea of New Jersey, Ms. Juelke of North Dakota and a group of high school students as they build on the skills they've fostered in their classrooms and communities.

Sponsorship of the SEL Exchange Virtual Summit does not indicate an endorsement from CASEL.

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