Continuous Improvement in Schools

Establish processes to continuously improve academic, social, and emotional learning through inquiry and data collection. When fully planned and implemented:

  • A multiyear SEL plan has been developed and the SEL team revisits key planning and implementation activities at regular intervals.
  • Data are regularly used by the SEL team to make decisions about SEL programming and to improve the quality of practice.
  • Data regarding student social and emotional competence are collected and provided back to teachers.
  • The SEL team shares data with multiple stakeholders at regularly planned intervals to inform decision-making.
  • Teachers are provided with data related to SEL program implementation and have regular meeting times to reflect on their experiences and to discuss and solve problems as they occur.
  • SEL strategies are being implemented at the three school setting levels, and implementation data are used to improve practice.

SEL Assessment Toolkit. This tool, developed by our partner the American Institutes for Research (AIR), helps educators understand the landscape of social and emotional assessment, develop an assessment plan, and choose from a list of selected outcomes tools for exploring social and emotional knowledge, attitudes, and skills.