A new report: Deeper insights into states’ implementation of SEL.

This latest report from CASEL’s Collaborating States Initiative describes how several states have built SEL into their planning. (Sept. 2018) More

LG expands “Experience Happiness” initiative through partnership with CASEL.

New partnership with CASEL magnifies unique program to reduce teen stress by teaching skills that drive happiness. (Nov. 2018) More

The 2019 inaugural conference on social and emotional learning.

It will take place in Chicago, and the whole field will be there. Learn more.

SEL in the states: Our State Scan of SEL updated.

View an interactive map of SEL activity in the states. (Sept. 2018) More

CASEL Newsletter: Allstate’s major investment in SEL, resources, tools, and more.

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Assessment blog: Use of the “big five” model as an assessment framework.

The latest thinking from the Assessment Work Group. More

SEL Trends: Reorganizing district central offices, empowering youth voice.

Briefs highlighting successful practices in districts. (July 2018) More

Results of the 2nd Assessment Design Challenge.

Measuring SEL. (July 2018) More

Emerging Insights from the Collaborating States Initiative—a new report

CASEL. (June 2016) More

Measuring SEL: Using data to make key advancements in social and emotional (SE) competence assessment

Assessment Work Group. More