SEL Webinar Series: From Theory to Practice to Systemic Change.

Register for the first webinar, Dec. 12, 2019.


The SEL Exchange: A Conference on SEL.

Learn about the inaugural 2019 event and the October 2020 Exchange.


State SEL Resources.

A compendium of resources from our Collaborating States Initiative.


SEL Assessment Guide.

A downloadable resource from the Assessment Work Group. More

Student Videos from 2019 CASEL Cross-Districts Learning Event.

Students documented the event throughout. (April 2019) More

CASEL Video: Creating Safe & Supportive Learning Environments.

Part of a series of videos from CASEL. More

Just Out from CASEL: Schoolwide Guide to SEL.

A free and interactive online resource for schoolwide implementation of SEL. More

SEL Exchange: the latest about this major SEL event

A new website, Twitter feed, and more here.

CASEL Newsletter: SEL in Congress, a new CASEL brief, resources, tools, and more.

View the current issue and past issues of our newsletter, plus a compilation of all our newsletter interviews with experts here.

A new report: Deeper insights into states’ implementation of SEL.

This latest report from CASEL’s Collaborating States Initiative describes how several states have built SEL into their planning. (Sept. 2018) More