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CASEL Launches Free “Introduction to Social and Emotional Learning” Online Course Amid Growing Interest

One-hour course provides foundational learning on the topic to a broad audience

January 31, 2023

Google searches for social and emotional learning (SEL) reached an all-time high in 2022, reflecting widespread interest and a need for clarity. CASEL is meeting that need with a new one-hour, virtual learning course: An Introduction to Social and Emotional Learning. The free experience is designed to make SEL information accessible to anyone​​—from educators and school staff to parents and community partners.

The course can be taken independently online or used with a facilitation guide for SEL leaders who want to engage a group in-person. The self-paced course pairs informative learning activities with opportunities for participants to make connections to their local communities and imagine ways they can (and already do) apply their social and emotional skills to support young people. 

“With mounting public interest in social and emotional learning, there is an urgent need for trustworthy information that everyone can access,” said CASEL Vice President of Innovations and Partnerships Melissa Schlinger. “Our new course is that credible, user-friendly on-ramp to SEL, regardless of your role in the school community. We’re proud to offer this foundational learning as people around the world turn to CASEL for support.”

Who is this free course for? Anyone who wants to learn more about SEL, including:

  • All school staff, from principals and teachers to counselors and bus drivers
  • Parents and caregivers 
  • School district leaders and administrators
  • Staff at youth-serving organizations

What does the course include? 

  • Activities to learn more about SEL and how it connects to your relationships with young people
  • Downloadable workbook to support individual reflection and continued discussion with colleagues after the course
  • Free facilitation guide to prepare SEL leaders who would like to facilitate the experience live with a group

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion and three discussion guides to continue conversation with others about SEL. 

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