What specific policies and practices can state education agencies take to build understanding and support for SEL at the state and local levels? What can other states learn from these early efforts?Our Collaborating States Initiative, modeled after a similar effort directed at school districts, was developed to help states create, implement, and share effective efforts. Participation grew rapidly from only a handful of state agencies in 2016 to 25 by 2018.

In response to these questions, this report captures eight initial insights and lessons about the work, supplemented by specific examples of action. The report documents how state education agencies are:
  • Increasing state support to school districts
  • Customizing their approach to SEL
  • Elevating state leadership
  • Integrating SEL across state programs and policies
  • Addressing equity, cultural competence, and SEL together
  • Customizing messaging and communications supporting professional development
  • Taking advantage of a cross-state learning community.
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