CSI Resources: Vision & Communications

District Recommendations for How States Can Support SEL
This brief is based on numerous conversations with district leaders, as well as consultations with states. Useful in gaining insights into which aspects of communicating about SEL should be a priority.

CASEL’s District Resource Center provides numerous resources related to communications about SEL, including development of a comprehensive district communications plan. More here. 


Social and Emotional Learning: Feedback and Communications Insights from the Field
Market researchers explore the linguistic landscape of the many terms used to describe nonacademic skills, including SEL. This resource is useful in exploring the numerous terms and concepts related to SEL.

Social, Emotional, and Academic Development (SEAD) Fact Sheet
A two-page overview of “fast facts” about SEL from the Naitonal Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development. Useful in communicating about SEL to audiences unfamiliar with what it is.


Many states have developed processes and recommendations for communicating a vision for SEL in their approach to defining SEL competencies/guidelines. See our Frameworks/Competencies/Standards page for examples.

California’s Social and Emotional Learning Guiding Principles
This document builds on the implicit and explicit SEL practices already happening in many schools to promote the intentional use of evidence- and research-based practices to guide decision-making about SEL. It can help to empower local stakeholders to continue to advance SEL in ways that meet the needs of their specific contexts and populations.