Our SEL Readiness and Engagement Analysis (SELREA) helps districts create a roadmap for systemic SEL to ensure the work ahead is coordinated, doable, and sustainable. Our experience working with districts and external perspective can help you advance SEL in support of all students.

CASEL’s detailed report of observations and recommendations will enable you to: 

Identify strengths and challenges in your current strategies, programs, and approaches. We look at everything from central office staffing and budgets to school climate and classroom instruction. 

Honor and build on the good work already underway in your system. We strongly favor an assets-based approach that builds on your current foundation. 

Connect the dots among programs, priorities, and plans. We have found – and independent research reinforces – that systemic, strategic approaches that harness the power of multiple initiatives have much greater impact. 

Hit the ground running with an action plan. Our recommendations link you directly to specific, short- and long-term action steps and offer tailored guidance in our District Resource Center and Schoolwide Guide – piggybacking on and promoting the successful work districts like yours have done. 

Provide the external, third-party recommendations that communities, school boards, and staff members often look for. CASEL has been the acknowledged expert about SEL for more than two decades. 

Take advantage of the deep expertise and experience we have built from working closely with many of the school districts – large and small – that are on the vanguard of implementing quality SEL. 

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