School-Family Partnership Resources

The following is a curated list of references selected by CASEL staff that focuses on the role of school-family partnerships in social and emotional learning (SEL).

Articles and Book Chapters

Garbacz, S. A., Swanger-Gagné, M. S., & Sheridan, S. M. (2015). The role of school-family partnership programs for promoting student SEL. In J. A. Durlak, C. E. Domitrovich, R. P. Weissberg, & T. P. Gullotta (Eds), Handbook of social and emotional learning (pp. 244-259). New York, NY: Guilford.
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Christensen, S.L. & Reschly, A.L. (2010). The handbook of school-family partnerships for promoting social competence. New York: Routledge.
Book available for purchase.

Epstein, J. L. (2010). School, family, and community partnerships: Preparing educators and improving schools. Boulder, CO: Westview Press.
Book available for purchase.

Ribas, W.B.; Brady D.; Hardin J.M.; Gumlaw, E. (2018). Social-Emotional Learning in the Home: A Practical Guide for Integrating the Development of Social-Emotional Skills into Your Parenting. Ribas Associates
Book available for purchase from publisher.


National School Boards Association. (2014). Partnership not pushouts. A guide for school board members on community partnerships for student success. Washington, DC: Author.
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Reports and Briefs

Albright, M. I., Weissberg, R. P., & Dusenbury, L. A. (2011). School-family partnership strategies to enhance children’s social, emotional, and academic growth. Newton, MA: National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention, Education Development Center, Inc.
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Fredericks, L., Weissberg, R.P., Resnik, H., Patrikakou, E., & O’Brien, M.U. (2005) Schools, families, and social and emotional learning: Ideas and tools for working with parents and families. Chicago and Philadelphia: CASEL and Mid-Atlantic Regional Educational Laboratory for Student Success.
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Illinois Children’s Mental Health Partnership, University of Illinois Extension, Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), & Illinois State Board of Education. (2009). Raising caring, confident, capable children: What parents and caregivers need to know about social and emotional learning (SEL) and why it deserves your support in school and at home. Chicago, Springfield, IL: Authors.
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