Resources: Videos

The following is a curated list of recommended videos selected by CASEL staff. These resources cover a range of topics to better understand SEL.

This Edutopia video explores classroom practices that make up the best and most effective SEL programs. (6 mins)

5 keys to social and emotional learning success. Retrieved on
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Roberto Rivera, a collaborator researcher studying the intersection of SEL, culturally relevant pedagogy, and youth voice, describes his experience with using hip-hop to engage young people in school. (19 mins)

Hip-Hop(e): TEDx Grand Rapids. (2016). Published June 16, 2014. Retrieved from
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This video from the Garrison Institute discusses the CARE for Teachers program (Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education) that recognizes the importance of SEL skills for teachers to help them manage stressful working conditions. (3 mins)

Garrison Institute (2016). Published August 17, 2016. Improving the Well-Being of Teachers and Students – CARE.
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Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl summarizes recent research. (10 minutes)

Recent research on science behind social and emotional learning. Retrieved from
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A student and educators at Marcus Garvey Elementary School in Chicago explain social and emotional learning and its impact. (5 minutes)

Inside Chicago Public Schools: SEL at Marcus Garvey Elementary School (2013). Retrieved from
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This webinar offers an introduction to the 2013 CASEL Guide to Preschool and Elementary School social and emotional learning programs. The presenter is CASEL Senior Research Scientist Linda Dusenbury. (54 minutes)

CASEL (2014). Preschool and elementary school guide – A webinar Published in 2014. Retrieved from
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Students in the Boston public schools speak out on how to build positive relationships between students and teachers. (3.5 minutes.)

What every student wants their teachers to know (2015). Retrieved from
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This video from the Committee for Children discusses how social-emotional skills helps young people manage emotions, have empathy, solve problems, make responsible decisions, and maintain healthy relationships.

Committee on Children (2016). Published August 1, 2016. Social-emotional learning: What is it and why is it important? Retrieved from
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An informational video by CASEL and Chicago Public Schools for parents on social and emotional learning (SEL). The video aims to inform parents on SEL in schools and provide them with insights on SEL in their own parenting practices in order to support their children’s social and emotional know-how. Funded by the Robert R. McCormick Foundation. Produced by: First Gear Productions. Also available in Spanish.

CASEL (2017). SEL for parents. Chicago Public Schools, McCormick Foundation, Marshall Square Resource Network.
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