An Introduction to Social and Emotional Learning

Learn more about Social and Emotional Learning, reflect on how it connects to your daily life and your relationships with young people, and plan opportunities for SEL in the next month.

Whether you’re an educator interested in being more intentional about SEL, a staff member in an organization where SEL is a priority, or a caregiver and community member looking to better understand SEL, our FREE, self-paced, one-hour online course is for anyone looking to learn about SEL.

This course includes:

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  • Application activities—As you learn about SEL, you will complete reflective activities to help imagine ways you can (and already do!) apply social and emotional skills to support young people.
  • Facilitation Guide—This course can be taken individually, but it is even better with a group! Download the facilitation guide if you are preparing to guide a group through this course.
  • Next Steps—This course is a first step. At the end you’ll find discussion guides to help continue conversations and links to learn more about topics that are relevant for you.

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