Parent SEL Resources

The following is a curated list of resources selected by CASEL staff that focus on the role of parents and parenting in social and emotional learning (SEL).

Also check out our SEL in the Home section for more on how parents and families can develop their children’s social and emotional know-how. It includes a list of Top Ten Books for Parents (courtesy of expert Jennifer Miller).

Articles and Book Chapters

Miller, J. S. (2020). Confident parents, confident kids: Raising emotional intelligence in ourselves and our kids – from toddlers to teenagers. Beverly, MA: Fair Winds Press. Retrieved from:
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Miller, J. (2015). The power of parenting with social and emotional learning. Huffington Post, April 15, 2015.
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Ribas, W.B.; Brady D.; Hardin J.M.; Gumlaw, E. (2018). Social-Emotional Learning in the Home: A Practical Guide for Integrating the Development of Social-Emotional Skills into Your Parenting. Ribas Associates
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Guides and Tools

Fredericks, L., Weissberg, R.P., Resnik, H., Patrikakou, E., & O’Brien, M.U. (2005) Schools, families, and social and emotional learning: Ideas and tools for working with parents and families. Chicago and Philadelphia: CASEL and Mid-Atlantic Regional Educational Laboratory for Student Success.
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Illinois Children’s Mental Health Partnership, University of Illinois Extension, Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), & Illinois State Board of Education. (2009). Raising caring, confident, capable children: What parents and caregivers need to know about social and emotional learning (SEL) and why it deserves your support in school and at home. Chicago, Springfield, IL: Authors.
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Albright, M. I., Weissberg, R. P., & Dusenbury, L. A. (2011). School-family partnership strategies to enhance children’s social, emotional, and academic growth. Newton, MA: National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention, Education Development Center, Inc.
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Bierman, K.L., Morris, P.A., Abenavoli, R.M. (2017). Parent engagement practices improve outcomes for preschool children. Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center, Pennsylvania State University
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CASEL (2017). SEL in the home Chicago, IL: Author. Retrieved from
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Edutopia. (2014). A parent’s resource guide to social and emotional learning. San Francisco: Author. Retrieved from
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Miller, J. S. (2017). Confident parents confident kids (blog). December 26, 2017 (11:30am).
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NBC (2016). Parent toolkit. New York: Author. Retrieved from
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Social and Emotional Learning Research Group (2017). Parent resources. Chicago, IL: University of Illinois, Chicago. Retrieved from:
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An informational video by CASEL and Chicago Public Schools for parents on social and emotional learning (SEL). The video aims to inform parents on SEL in schools and provide them with insights on SEL in their own parenting practices in order to support their children’s social and emotional know-how. Funded by the Robert R. McCormick Foundation. Produced by: First Gear Productions. Also available in Spanish.

CASEL (2017). SEL for parents. Chicago Public Schools, McCormick Foundation, Marshall Square Resource Network.
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View the video in Spanish.