SEL in Homes & Communities

  • Social and emotional learning starts at home. Parents and families are critical partners in helping their children develop social and emotional know-how. They can model the kinds of skills, attitudes, and behaviors we want all students to master. And they can be important advocates for SEL at school.

    In addition, community organizations that partner directly with schools offer students opportunities to practice the SEL skills they are learning at home, throughout the school day, and in their afterschool programming. These may include out-of-school-time providers (before and after school programs), community-based nonprofit organizations such as the YMCA, and health care providers.

    CASEL Guide to Schoolwide SEL

    Our interactive, online guide offers guidance, resources, tools, and templates to promote parent-school-community partnerships. Highlights include: 

    • Communicating with families and inviting them to participate
    • Organizing opportunities for families to come together and discuss SEL topics
    • Suggesting SEL strategies to use at home
    • Building strong partnerships between school day and out-of-school-time educators
    • Cultivating students’ community awareness
    • Partnering with community organizations to support SEL

    SEL 101 for Parents (2017)

    An informational video to inform parents about SEL in schools and provide them with insights into SEL in their own parenting practices in order to support their children’s social and emotional development. Also available in Spanish.

    • In addition, we developed an SEL discussion series for Parents and Caregivers (pdf), also available in Spanish (pdf)

    Additional Resources

    Family-School Partnerships
    Newsletters and Guides
    Top 10 Books for Parents
    Data on American Families

  • Webinar: (February 2019)

    Watch a walkthrough of the CASEL Guide to Schoolwide SEL, including frequently asked questions about implementation.

    CASEL Guide to Schoolwide SEL

    Our interactive online guide offers guidance, resources, tools, and templates to promote parent-school-community partnerships.

    Confident Parents, Confident Kids

    This website developed by Jennifer Miller, a nationally recognized expert on families and SEL, offers a wealth of information and resources.

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