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“Remember When You Taught Me This?”: SEL as Heart Work

March 4, 2024
Tina Centineo
SEL Educator/Coordinator
“Remember When You Taught Me This?”: SEL as Heart Work

To celebrate SEL Week, we invited you—students, parents, teachers, counselors, school and district administrators, and community leaders—to share your SEL story. Of the many excellent entries we received, Tina, an SEL educator/coordinator in Des Plaines, Illinois, is one of our 10 finalists. You can view all 10 finalists here.

The views in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of CASEL.

Tina Centineo is an SEL educator/coordinator from Des Plaines, Illinois, where she integrates social and emotional learning into schoolwide systems and directly teaches kindergarten through 8th-grade students. She believes that SEL today is an investment in a child’s tomorrow.

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Vidyasagar Koduri

Thanks for all you are doing with my family — educators with kindness, wisdom, perspective and the ability to reach through to kids are so rare.

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Robert Kosar

Mrs. Centineo is fantastic

 -  Reply
Alina Pritsker

Great job!

 -  Reply
Dorothy Troost

In today’s world, where bullying is such a problem, helping children to love themselves and then be able to love others is the most important “job” of education! My grandchildren are so fortunate that
Ms. Centineo is the SEL educator at their school.

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Linda Ori

Tina is a very responsible, dedicated teacher. She is a wonderful person.

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