2012 Cross-Districts Learning Event

  • Austin, Texas

    Host: Austin Independent School District

    Thursday, Nov. 8

    What Are Best Practices in Schools? Austin Independent School Visits (PDF)

    Sharing Strengths, Challenges and Questions: What Can We Learn from Each Other?

    Ed Graff, assistant superintendent of instruction, Anchorage School District; Denine Goolsby, executive director of Humanware and social and emotional learning, Cleveland Metropolitan School District (slideshow and English and Spanish flier PDFs)

    Small-Group Sessions: District Questions (PDF)

    What Are We Learning About Systemic SEL Development Across Districts?

    David Osher, vice president, American Institutes for Research (slideshow and executive summary PDF)

    Friday, Nov. 9

    What Are SEL Practices for Youth Voice and Engagement?

    Austin Independent School District high-school teacher R. Keeth Matheny and his students Hunter, Brianca, Jordan, Emily, Nathaniel and Roy (introductory slideshow and PDFs for school climate survey, M.A.P.S. information and affinity mapping).

    SEL Practices: Project-Based Learning
    Jesse Register, director of schools, Metropolitan Nashville School District (PDF).

    Student Leadership and Governance
    Jonathan Raymond, superintendent of schools, Sacramento City Unified School District.

    Youth Development
    Curtiss Sarikey, associate superintendent, Oakland Unified School District.

    The Cleveland Approach
    Eric Gordon, chief executive officer, Cleveland Metropolitan School District (slideshow and PDFs for district fact sheet, lesson plan, senior update, and graduation shuttle)

    The Chicago Approach
    Jen Cheatham, chief instruction officer, Chicago Public Schools (slideshow and crosswalk document)

    Effective Communication Planning for Change: The Washoe Process
    Irene Payne, chief communications and community engagement officer, Washoe County School District (slideshow and PDF of all handouts)

    Role-Alike Working Lunch
    CASEL Consultant Linda Lantieri (PDFs of groups and questions)

    Closing Activity: Gratitude Video
    (The video shown during the closing activity is protected by copyright and available for $3.99 from filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg.)