Web sites

Ashoka Parenting Changemakers
Offers resources and ideas for acting as a parenting change-maker with a focus on building four skills in family life: empathy, teamwork, new leadership, and change-making. The process helps parents problem-solve for themselves and leads families and communities in addressing the issues that are most pressing to them.

Common Sense Media
Reviews movies, apps, video games, and other media available to children. Each movie, for example, lists a parent-level age rating, along with a kid’s perspective of the appropriate age level. In addition, it gives a summary along with positive messages and violence or scariness rankings. A mobile app makes it simple to review any media children may encounter.


Confident Parents, Confident Kids
The only site for parents that focuses explicitly on actively promoting kids’ social, emotional, and ethical development. Articles and resources focus on simple, practical ways to model, coach, and create opportunities to develop social and emotional skills in the context of family life.

Great Schools, Great Kids
A community resource to find and share information about schools. You can type in any school, city, or zip code and get demographic information on schools in your area such as ratings, reviews, and extracurriculars. The video series “Milestones” describes grade-level expectations in K-5, including children’s perspectives. The site has an “Emotional Smarts” section with a toolbox, a game, and a video series.

Healthy Children
Developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, this site provides information on children’s developmental ages and stages, healthy living practices, safety and prevention, and dealing with health concerns at home.

Info About Kids
Produced through a collaboration of the Consortium for Science-Based Information on Children, Youth, and Families, the site is committed to publishing resources with a solid research base. It has sections on body, mind, emotions, and relationships.

NBC Parent Toolkit
Provides developmental markers at each age/stage, with guidance for parents on how to support each aspect of development. Resources include the areas of academic, health and wellness, and social and emotional development. A supplemental application can prompt a parent on a child’s specific milestones along with tips for support.

Stop Bullying
Focused on helping parents, educators, and community members stop bullying. There are also resources and articles targeting kids and teens.

Youth Service America
Supports youth as significant contributors to communities through learning, leadership, and service. The group organizes large-scale campaigns, makes grants, offers numerous resources, and gives awards to support its mission.