UPDATE: Assessment Work Group Developments

April 3rd and 4th our full work group met in Los Angeles, CA to help advance the work on our three critical goals: creating a practical guide to assessment, making sense of multiple frameworks, and conducting a Design Challenge for new measures of social emotional competences. We were joined by several of our funders and Hannah Melnick of Learning Policy Institute who discussed their forthcoming report on SEL and accountability (see Learn link number 3 above for more on the report).  We also heard from Corrie Hunt, Hart Research, and Jen DePaoli, Civic Enterprises, who presented preliminary findings from a new survey of a nationally representative random sample of principals regarding social and emotional learning (full report to be released later this spring and will be noted in this newsletter).  We saw the first prototype of what the new practical guide will look like – including quotes and case studies from people using the measure s and how it will connect to the emerging Rand Repository of measures.  We also heard the plan for a series of briefs to be released later this fall that will discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by the multiple frameworks and language in SEL, describe key frameworks, compare similarities and differences between frameworks, and cover special topics from equity to how districts cope with different frameworks. The Design Challenge team discussed how submissions would be reviewed and recognized. Our next face-to-face meeting will be in the Fall.

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