State Policy Resources

The following is a curated list of resources on social and emotional policy, selected by CASEL’s Collaborating States Initiative team. Please explore these resources to learn about a range of topics, such as how many states have developed policies and guidance for SEL, and at what grade levels, as well as how states are integrating SEL into their state ESSA plans.

Articles and Book Chapters

Dusenbury, L., Zadrazil, J., Weissberg, R. P., Goren, P., Domitrovich, C., & Mart, A. (2015). Developing a blueprint for education in social and emotonal learning, preschool through high school: The case for state learning standards. In J. Durlak, C. E. Domitrovich, R. P. Weissberg, and T. P. Gullotta (Eds.), Handbook of social and emotional learning (pp. 532-548). New York, NY: Guilford Press.
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Briefs and Reports

The Aspen Education & Society Program and the Council of Chief State School Officers (2016). Advancing equity through ESSA: Strategies for state leaders. Washington, DC: Authors.
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Dusenbury, L., & Weissberg, R. (2017). State efforts to promote social and emotional learning in students: a status report. Retrieved from
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Gayl, C. (2017). How state planning for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) can promote student academic, social, and emotional learning: an examination of five key strategies. Retrieved from
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Gordon, R., Ji, P., Mulhall, P., Shaw, B., & Weissberg, R. (2011). Social and emotional learning for illinois students: policy, practice and progress. Retrieved from
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National Council of State Legislators (2017). Social and emotional learning. Washington, DC: Author.
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Dusenbury, L., & Yoder, N. (2017). Key features of high-quality policies and guidelines to support social and emotional learning: Recommendations and examples for the Collaborating States Initiative (CSI). Retrieved from
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Web pages

CASEL State Scan Scorecard Project. (2017). Retrieved from
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NASBE (2019). Gauging Support for Social and Emotional Skill Building. Retrieved from
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