Jeremy Taylor

Director of Assessment and Continuous Improvement

Jeremy’s current work is focused on supporting CASEL’s partner districts across the nation to effectively monitor systemic SEL implementation progress, reliably and validly measuring students’ social and emotional competencies, and using SEL data to improve practice and support student learning. He is also currently leading CASEL’s effort to convene a national work group for establishing practical assessments of social and emotional competencies for students from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Jeremy joined the CASEL staff in July 2013. Previously he served as a predoctoral intern and family therapist at the Child and Family Therapy Clinic of the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore. He completed his graduate training in June 2013, receiving his Ph.D. in clinical child psychology from DePaul University. Jeremy has interests in research methodology, outcome measurement, social-emotional learning, service provision to underserved populations, and the dynamic process through which research and practice can inform public policy.