Success Stories in Social and Emotional Learning

School and District Efforts Align for SEL Results

Run to get SEL, and run fast.

— Principal of Cunningham Elementary School in Austin, Texas.

Cunningham Elementary, a diverse school nestled in south-central Austin, Texas, has recognized the importance of SEL for many years, but lacked a cohesive program, implementing only diffuse or informal pieces. now, with support from the district, teachers and administrators are fitting those pieces together to create a unified approach to SEL, embedded in all aspects of the school. Learn more about why AISD administrators assert that the change in school climate is palpable.

Schools and Communities Collaborate on SEL Strategic Plan

It’s tough work, but it’s the right work.

— Educator at Montgomery County Public School District in Maryland.

In July 2011, administrators at Maryland’s Montgomery County Public School District began developing a strategic plan that included efforts to integrate SEL into their schools and academic curricula to improve school climate and academic outcomes. MCPS has made SEL a district priority based on the growing evidence that SEL is necessary, not only for interpersonal relationships and academic achievement, but also for future success in the workplace. Learn more about how schools and communities in the district collaborated on the strategic plan.

The Student Perspective

If students have better social and emotional skills, then they will probably get better grades. They would realize that school is important.

— Eighth-grade student.

SEL is shown to be — and endorsed as — beneficial to children from diverse national, cultural and linguistic contexts, especially pertinent given changing American demographics. Students agree: SEL has important benefits and schools should place greater emphasis on developing these skills. Read highlights from interviews with 15 middle and high school students.

SEL Is Invaluable to Improving Behavioral Outcomes and School Safety

Look at the important ongoing needs for social and emotional wellness of children and adults in our communities.

— Chief executive officer of Cleveland Metropolitan School District, on how to make schools safer and more supportive.

In October 2007, the former superintendent of Cleveland Metropolitan School District called for heightened security measures in response to a shooting at one of the district’s 26 high schools. Six years after the superintendent’s call to action and five years since it added CASEL as one of its key partners to help implement SEL, CMSD has seen several positive student behavioral outcomes. Learn more about how the the district saw reductions in incidents of negative behavior, violence and injuries.