Should Non-cognitive Skills Be Included in School Accountability Systems? Preliminary Evidence from California’s CORE districts (2016)

West, M.R. (2016). Should non-cognitive skills be included in school accountability systems? Preliminary evidence from California’s CORE districts. Brookings Economic Studies: Evidence Speaks Reports, 1(13), March 17, 2016. Retrieved from
This article from the Brookings Institution reviews recent findings from an extensive analysis of data from the California CORE districts related to nonacademic skills. In the 2014-15 school year, CORE conducted a field test of measures of four social-emotional skills involving more than 450,000 students in grades 3-12. The data indicate that the scales used to measure student skills demonstrate strong reliability and are positively correlated with key indicators of academic performance and behavior, both across and within schools. These findings provide a broadly encouraging view of the potential for self-reports of social-emotional skills as an input into systems for evaluating school performance. the role of schools in developing student skills and the design of educational accountability systems.

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