SEL Field Notes | September 20

This newsletter is curated by the American Institutes for Research and CASEL for the MeasuringSEL Collaborator Network and aims to keep you engaged with news, research, and resources relevant to measurement and data in the field of social and emotional learning.
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Measurement in Practice Edutopia: Making assessment a collaborative process

How a middle school teacher turned an individual assessment into a group presentation with an authentic audience and three layers of feedback: “’I like it when we get to talk and work with each other.’ I kept reading some version of that statement over and over again in my quarter one student feedback form. It really struck me because I was about to give my students a final assessment that was individual and required no collaboration.”


EdScoop: California introduces ‘Dashboard Week’ to raise awareness of school data
The California Department of Education and the State Board of Education have launched #CADashboardWeek, which will run from September 16-20, to publicize school and district data that has been made available to parents, students, and educators, the agencies announced Monday. The California School Dashboard, an online resource released in 2017, was created with the goal of giving educators and parents increased transparency around student and school performance across the state and to help pinpoint and address achievement gaps.


EdSurge: Are K-12 curriculum tools a smart investment? What investors and our data say
In a year-long study, the EdSurge Research team, in collaboration with NewSchools Venture Fund, investigated where investment capital has been flowing in the U.S. K-12 edtech market over the past three years, the factors that are driving shifts in the market, and how investment trends might change in the near future. While philanthropic dollars are leading much of the support for social and emotional learning efforts, products that support the development of social-emotional competencies are just starting to see the first droplets of venture capital.


Research and Deep Dives Education Week: How caring for students in distress can take a steep toll
Math teacher Veronica Lyon is one of the people who makes support for traumatized students work at Lincoln Middle School in Clarkston, Wash., a rural community on the Idaho border. She was an advocate for distressed students in the early days of the school’s six-year trauma-sensitive schooling initiative, and has developed a course that pairs math instruction and social skills development. Her former students often drop in to tell her how much their time with her has helped them academically and emotionally in high school. But every year, there comes a point when she “hits [her] max,” and her work triggers social anxiety.


Commentary Education Dive: Building and scaling interventions to support every student
As schools serve student populations with increasingly complex academic, behavioral and social-emotional needs, a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) is proving to be beneficial for identifying, prioritizing and supporting students. Educators and district leaders report the MTSS student support framework has empowered them to provide support to students before a problem occurs, ensuring no student falls between the cracks.

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