Proud to Partner with LG on Experience Happiness

Since 2018, CASEL and LG Electronics have partnered together in supporting an education that prioritizes academic, social, and emotional learning, including the promotion and advancement of sustainable happiness skills for all youth.

LG Experience Happiness Initiative Celebrates Milestone in Reaching 4 Million Students

LG is incredibly grateful for CASEL and our other nonprofit partners for their dedication to LG’s signature social impact initiative, “Life’s Good: Experience Happiness.”

Experience Happiness provides educators, parents, and students with hands-on resources to help students recognize that they can achieve sustainable happiness through the practice of six foundational social social-emotional skills: mindfulness, human connection, positive outlook, purpose, generosity and gratitude. The curriculum, tools and resources offered support the development of emotional wellness and resiliency which can help lead to increased self-motivation; help students channel emotional intelligence into positive and meaningful interactions; and, equip youth with emotional wellness skills for professional success. 

As many schools shift to remote learning for the foreseeable future, supporting student’s social and emotional wellbeing has become a concern for many educators. Helping students manage the stresses of school in a blended learning environment requires access to resources wherever the student may be. To date, Experience Happiness has equipped 4 million youth with emotional wellness skills to build success in school and beyond.

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Learn More About the LG Partnership

With LG’s generous support, CASEL engages with eight school districts across the country, reaching 800,000 students annually, to help guide high-quality SEL programs and practices. These eight districts are members of CASEL’s Collaborating Districts Initiative (CDI).

LG’s Experience Happiness initiative is a unique, science-based platform to help equip American youth with the skills for sustainable happiness. It is only through the shared commitment of leaders and organizations across the country that we can truly transform education and best position our students for success in school, career, and life.

LG provided students in Sacramento with the technology to produce a highlight video from the 2019 Cross Districts Learning Event hosted by CASEL and Sacramento City Unified School District.

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