School Evidence-Based Programs

Adopt and implement evidence-based programs for academic, social, and emotional learning across all grades. When fully planned and implemented:

  • The school has adopted evidence-based programs/approaches that foster a full range of social and emotional competencies for all students at all grade levels.
  • The majority of teachers have received training in the adopted evidence-based programs/approaches from a certified trainer.
  • The evidence-based SEL programs/approaches are being implemented at high levels (e.g., dosage, fidelity, quality of delivery).
  • The SEL practices/concepts from the evidence-based program are being integrated throughout the school (e.g., being used by adults, supported in settings like the playground).


Effective SEL Programs. Our program guides for elementary, middle, and high school identify the most effective programs, and offer extensive guidance to help districts select the program that best fits identified needs.