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1440 Foundation

The 1440 Foundation supports programs and best practices that cultivate authentic relationship skills in education, wellness, and the workplace. 1440 is focused on inner fitness, being self-aware and making sound and informed decisions, and on relational fitness, the life skills to build trusted relationships with others. These concepts are consistent with the five competencies of social and emotional learning and provide a strong foundation for the CASEL-1440 partnership.

1440 Foundation generously supported the development and publication of the 2013 CASEL Guide, a Consumer Reports-type guide to identify school-based programs that successfully promote students’ self-control, relationship building, and problem solving, among other social and emotional skills. The Foundation is also supporting additional editions of the CASEL Guide focused on middle and high school grades.

CASEL and 1440 Foundation convened an advisory committee of leading experts on mindfulness to help better understand mindfulness in educational practices and identify opportunities for advancing the field. The committee helped CASEL develop and pilot measures for collecting data on mindfulness practices.

Lastly, 1440 Foundation is supporting the development and piloting of professional development offerings and web applications to support the CASEL Guide and to foster best practices, including self regulatory techniques, as part of evidence-based social and emotional learning.