• We are working closely with a wide range of school districts across the country to help them strategically embed social and emotional learning (SEL) into all aspects of their work.

    CASEL partner districts include:

    Wallace SEL Initiative Districts

    Nine communities are using planning grants from the Wallace Foundation to devise plans to help children develop positive social and emotional learning (SEL) skills. The grants pair school districts with after-school intermediaries.

    Affiliated Districts

    Affiliated districts participate in our meetings, receive consultant support from CASEL, and contribute their learnings to our growing SEL community. The affiliated districts include:

  • District Resource Center

    CASEL’s District Resource Center offers field-tested guidance, tools, and resources for SEL implementation throughout a district.

    Practical Tools

    CASEL and partner districts have developed many practical tools that other districts can use to jump-start and strengthen their SEL work. Learn more.