• As part of its strategic plan, the Denver Plan 2020, Denver Public Schools (DPS) has committed to five goals designed to close academic achievement gaps and prepare all students for success in college and careers. One of those goals is support for the Whole Child. DPS is leading the nation in focusing this level of effort and attention around Whole Child supports because it knows—and research shows—this effort will not only improve academic outcomes, but is critical to achieving its vision that Every Child Succeeds.

    SEL in Action

    DPS is committed to providing equitable and inclusive environments that ensure students are healthy, supported, engaged, challenged, safe, and socially and emotionally intelligent.

    • Social and emotional school climate: A positive social and emotional school climate provides students with a learning environment where they feel close to people at school, are happy to be there, feel a part of the school, feel safe and believe teachers treat them fairly.
    • Community involvement: Supporting the Whole Child is a community-wide effort. DPS’ schools, students, and families benefit from information, resources and services available from community-based organizations, businesses, cultural and civic organizations, social service agencies, faith-based organizations, health clinics, colleges and universities, and other community groups.
    • Employee wellness: Employee wellness supports provide educators with opportunities to acquire information and practice behaviors that lead to physical, social, emotional, spiritual and financial well-being. Healthy educators provide a powerful role model for students.
    • SEAL Initiative Schools: 2017-18 6 Pilot Schools; 2019-20 12 Schools

    District Reported Results

    Denotes percent positive responses on district survey. All SEAL initiative schools are outperforming the District Average on Whole Child Survey.

      • Graduation Rate: 64.8%
      • On-time Graduation: 66.9%
      • Engagement (as measure on district CollaboRATE survey)

    87% of employees enjoy working at DPS
    77% feel valued as an employee

    Artifacts and Media

    To learn more about Denver’s 2020 plan, watch this video (2015)

  • Profile

    92,984 students (PreK-High School)

    • Alaska Native or American Indian .6%
    • Asian 3.2%
    • Black or African America 13.2%
    • Hispanic 54.6%
    • White 24%
    • Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander .3%
    • 2 or more races 4%
    • English Language Learner 39.3%
    • Free and reduce Lunch 66.61%
    • Gifted and Talented 10.19%
    • Student with Disabilities 11%

    208 schools

    • ECE-K: 4
    • Elementary: 92
    • ECE-8 Schools: 18
    • ECE-12 Schools: 4
    • Middle: 34
    • 6-12: 12
    • High Schools: 44